Meet Neelam.

Neelam is a writer, poet, columnist and a creative strategist. Her words have touched thousands of people around the world and continue to via her poetry, full-length articles on Elephant Journal and social media footprint.

As creative strategist Neelam works with entrepreneurs, corporate executives and other fellow creatives who are high performers but are either stuck, feeling inertia or are looking to take their business and passions up a mighty few notches. In anything Neelam does, her desire is to help her clients lead mindful, compassionate and impactful lives while staying authentic to their mission, vision and livelihood.

Neelam was raised across four continents and is a lover of words, stories, yoga, tea, animals, mountains and above all, human connections. Until recently, Neelam called New York City home and with a little a decade in the corporate world, one of her greatest joys is helping as many people as she possibly can, to connect with their innate, creative spark. 

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