I am a writer and poet. Those familiar with my work often say my words uplifts hearts and minds. Practicing the art of loving compassion and the human condition is the nucleus of all my work. What is most dearest to me is the connection within and to those invisible threads tying each one of us together.

When I was two, I moved to Tanzania with my mum. After my brother’s birth, a change of job (for my dad) took our family of four to Abeokuta, Nigeria. My childhood was idyllic: vast open spaces riding my bike with my brother, disappearing into nature for hours and indulging in any book I could get my hands on.

It was while living in Nigeria that I chanced on a book that made a lasting, life long impression on me was, The Diary of Anne Frank. My soul inhaled the book under the expansive, cloudless open skies of the equatorial sun. This book stays in my heart. It is with me wherever I go. A short story by Ray Bradbury titled, The Fog Horn was another vivid inspiration. These two writers grew my love for literature in all forms and appreciation for the art of writing and the importance of acute observation. Through reading, I felt understood and not entirely alone in the fabric of human experience I inhabited.



neelam tewar sitting at a table with her journal

In my late teens, I moved to India and began exploring my roots. I also became fluent in my parents’ mother tongue, Gujarati. England came calling for a year and then I moved to a place that drums my heart and soul no matter how far and wide I travel: New York City.

Books have been and always be a haven where my thoughts find rest, meaning and fortitude in difficult times. My first collection of words, Kairos will be released in early 2017 under the Hay House banner.

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